Oil Painting Classes
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Earl Duck - is a certified instructor in Robert Warren's Renaissance Group.  All
classes shown are designed by Robert Warren or Earl Duck, and are an excellent
way to learn oil painting techniques.  The classes are taught in a step by step method
which helps people break through the myth that they are not talented enough.  Talent
is mainly techniques repeated, inspiration, and time invested.

To reserve a seat please mail Earl a check in advance. Advanced payment is
required because I prepare each canvas with a sketch and need to know how many to
do.   The class fee varies and is shown on each project which includes the canvas,
medium, and handout as part of the fee.  If you don’t have any supplies you may use
my supplies for a palette fee of an additional $10 per project.  So you can walk in with
nothing and walk out with a painting.
Supplies Needed:

Oil Paints - see specific project for colors

Brushes – Large flat brush to spread medium, stiff bristle brush (3/4" or 1/2"), and a
#8 or #10 filbert brush.

Other – Paper towels, palette, pencil, palette knife for mixing paint, table easel.
Examples of Past Classes