Denied, 24 x 30
"Ultimately, it always comes down to a one-on-one battle.  You have no
choice but to cover every inch, and exert every ounce of energy.  Satisfaction
comes from knowing the shooter has been ... denied."
Thank You Coach, 24 x 30
"Coaches are loved, respected, feared, and, more than
almost anyone else, remembered.  Thank you coach -
for helping to make me a better player and person."
Solitude, 24 x 30
"There are times when you just want to be alone. With the blades
on, it is impossible not to move further and further away from
your problems. Solitary joy comes naturally and spontaneously."
Friendly Competition, 24 x 30
"Whenever the puck is in play, it doesn't matter if he's
your neighbor, friend, or brother. Friendly or not,
competition is competition; and no one wants to lose."
A  24 x 30 painting commissioned by the  Buffalo Prospects

3/2006 - Buffalo Prospects make sizable donations to Fred Korey

The Prospects program had a special painting of Dominik Hasek
created for auction at the Fred Korey tribute.  The custom painting
was sold for almost $1,000.  In addition, over 400 calendars (at a
value exceeding $2,000) were donated to the tribute.   These were
given to Fred's supporters in attendance.  The event was a major
testimony to the goodness of the people in WNY.  We were proud to
be a big part of it.
A commissioned work.
Ice Hockey Paintings