The Artist
About the Artist

The artist learned to draw at a young age
being taught by his mother and inspired by
his grandmother who had been an artist.  
However, his life took a different path and
art would lie mostly dormant for many
years to come.  Earl grew up as an Air
Force dependent living in five states and
overseas which caused him to explore a
variety of other interests. He lived in Japan
for nearly five years and graduated from
Yokota High School in 1975.  He later
graduated from The Ohio State University
and became employed in the electric utility
industry as a Mechanical Engineer in
1980.  Earl lives in the village of Hanover
with his lovely wife, Lynda.
Earl’s interest in art was rekindled in the late 1980's after being inspired by several television instructional
artists.  He began painting in 1992, studied the techniques, persevered, and discovered his love for
painting.  He then studied for many years under a nationally renowned art instructor, Robert Warren, of
Canal Winchester, Ohio and has become one of his certified instructors.  Lately he has been concentrating
on doing commission work and  teaching..

Artist Statement

Painting is adventurous, rewarding, fun, and therapeutic. I feel a sense of adventure when visualizing a new
project as if planning a journey to an unfamiliar place. God gives us creative power to positively touch other
people and it is rewarding when they tell me that I did.  It is great fun to study beautiful things for long
periods of time.  The time spent in the quietness of painting has a calming and therapeutic effect on my life.

All of my paintings are done in oils on stretched canvas. I'm attracted to oil paint because of the rich colors,
the workability that it allows, and the durability. I do a wide variety of subjects because it allows me to grow
and because I have broad interests.

Painting humbles me because the subjects become more elusive as I progress.  The deeper the study, the
more intricate and complex things appear.  In the midst of it all I see things that would normally be
overlooked in a casual glance. These continual observations invite me to appreciate creation and it would
be to a lesser extent if not for the privilege of painting.
Earl and Lynda